World Day of Prayer Grant Application Checklist

Give your grant application the best chance of success!

Before you submit the application form, please go through the checklist below.

  • Did you complete all pages in English?
    If application and reference letters are in another language, please translate to English.
  • Did you include only the information we requested?
    Please include only information that we have requested. For example, we do not require a certificate of incorporation, audited statements, newspaper clippings etc. to process your application.
  • Are you a non-Canadian applicant?
    If yes, you must provide 2 signed and dated reference letters written in English and ensure that your NGO is eligible to receive foreign funds.
  • Is the requested amount within the grant range?
    The maximum amount requested should not exceed $5,000 Canadian (or its equivalent in USD)
  • Did you attach a budget?
    All applications must include a budget. Please note that the attached budget must not include administrative costs. Examples of administrative cost are salary, rent and other fixed costs.
  • Have you completed the banking information?
    Please provide your bank’s name, complete mailing address, swift code, and bank account number.
  • Did you complete and sign the authorization box?
    All applicants must complete and sign the authorization box.


Completed applications can be e-mailed in a Microsoft word format at

If your organisation sends an electronic application, do not follow it with a hard copy. Please bear in mind that the deadline for application to be received is on February 28, 2017.