Riding the Waves

Riding The Waves

The Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada is pleased to bring you Riding the Waves, with stories on issues that are important to women of faith, while staying true to our ecumenical roots and our spiritual foundation.

This ecumenical newsmagazine is published three times per year.

The Spring Issue

In Spring we will focus on a social justice issue, pertinent, timely and of interest to women of faith.

The Fall Issue

The Fall issue highlights the upcoming World Day of Prayer Country and also take a look back to the previous World Day of prayer focus-country. Here you will find both a WDP bible study and a recipe for traditional cuisine from the WDP focus-country to try!
The Fellowship of the Least Coin Prayer Concerns will also be published in this issue.

The Winter Issue

Lastly, our Winter issue will contain liturgy, and other spiritual tools, including a bible study, in keeping with our mission to help women grow in ecumenism and share their spirituality.

Recurring Features

  • Bible study
  • Book Review
  • WICC Calendar of Events
  • Council News
  • Youth Page: From the Mouths of Babes
  • Gifts in Action, a Q&A with recipients of a World Day of Prayer grant.

Receive Riding the Waves and a charitable tax receipt with your donation of $25 or more.