Healing Waters

Churches Working To End Violence Against Women

Healing WatersThe Spirit of God's work for love and justice flows like water,
Like never-ending streams:
Comforting the wounded;
Calling those who have wounded to repentance;
Challenging traditions which are rigid and violent;
Envisioning new relationships where every voice is heard.
O Healing River, send down your waters!

Churches are working to end violence against women.

As Christians we are part of God's healing river that is bringing love and justice to our world. We want to end the reality of women being abused by their partners. We want women and children to live without fear of being sexually assaulted. We want to create a society where women can live in peace and security.

Healing Waters explores the pervasive violence that is part of the context of women's lives. It provides theological background and reflection, as well as practical tools for dealing with a woman's experience of abuse. We believe it will be helpful in churches' work of compassion in worship, pastoral counselling, support groups, legislative action, and sanctuary. It contains both study materials and ideas for action.

Healing Waters is a 164-page practical guide to education and action. Its contents include:

  • An historical overview of violence against women and the role of the church.
  • Practical advice for recognizing and responding to a woman who has been abused.
  • Helpful handouts on abuse, myths, shelters and needs of specific groups of women.
  • Information on creating safe spaces in the church.
  • Biblical and theological background, sermon guides and other practical resources for planning worship.
  • Workshop outlines and Bible studies to use in your congregation.
  • Community action ideas.

Sample Pages for Download:

The author

Carol Penner, is a freelance writer and chaplain with a doctorate in theology; her thesis focused on a theological response to violence against women.

Who is Healing Waters for?

  • Clergy and lay leaders
  • Pastoral care staff and volunteers
  • Women's groups
  • Students preparing for ministry
  • Theological educators
  • Denominational resource centres

Ways to use Healing Waters

  • Include in the curriculum for pastoral ministry at theological schools.
  • Distribute the resource to every church in your community.
  • Create a ministry of compassion for women suffering violence and abuse.
  • Hold training workshops for church staff and volunteer leaders.
  • Organize an ecumenical Bible study with neighbouring churches.
  • Plan a workshop with young people from neighbourhood churches.

The handbook comes shrink-wrapped and 3-hole punched, ready to insert in your own binder. Tabs for each section make it easy to find what you're looking for. Adhesive cover and spine labels mean you won't lose track of the handbook on your book­shelf.

Order your copy today. (PDF: 213K)