Totonicapán to Toronto: Come hear a World Day of Prayer Story.

Traditional midwives or "comadronas" in

Traditional midwives or "comadronas in Totonicapán, Guatemala.

A visit with Horizon's of Friendship and Guatemalan Midwives

Are our prayers for justice for women and children being answered? Yes!

Horizons of Friendship, and its Guatemalan partner, the Association for Health Promotion, Research and Education (PIES), launched the “Reducing Gaps for Indigenous Peoples in Totonicapán, Guatemala” project in spring of 2016, with support from a World Day of Prayer project grant. The project aims to reduce maternal and child deaths in the province of Totonicapán and transform the lives of thousands of Indigenous women, children and families.

Strategies to achieve this goal include the delivery of culturally-relevant training and equipment to traditional Indigenous midwives known as “comadronas”, a health promotion and health home visit campaign, the coordination of women’s health groups and the involvement of male Indigenous community leaders, amongst others.

Please join us to welcome three traditional Indigenous midwives, known as “comadronas,” and two doctors who are visiting Canada on the first of five knowledge exchanges planned between Guatemala and Canada.

March 20, 2017
1:30 p.m.
47 Queen’s Park Cres. East,
Toronto, ON

RSVP to WICC ( or 416-929-5184

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