FLC Prayer Concern for May: Mothers

The fellowship of the Least coin is a prayer movement for Peace, justice and reconciliation. Each month, WICC publishes a prayer concern to help members of this fellowship come together in prayer. Click here to find out more about the Fellowship of the Least Coin.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries around the world on different days. Whatever may be the date of Mothers Day, the spirit is the same everywhere.

It has often been said that there is no greater gift than that of becoming a mother. It means committing our life to loving, teaching and nurturing a child. Although all of us may not be mothers, all of us have a mother.

My mother lost her mother when she was only six years old. She was so traumatized by her loss that she would never speak of her mother. She raised five children, but lost a son to an illness at eleven months.

Mothers seem to know how to keep the family together. Even after they have left home she seems to be able to gather the family together for special events and occasions.

Everywhere in the world, mothers are respected for their extreme devotion towards their children. On Mother’s Day children pay their humblest tribute to their mothers and thank them for giving them birth and providing them with the best care and upbringing.

Let’s offer our prayers to all mothers throughout the world.


Angela Schwarz is a WICC Program Coordinator.

 She lives in Midhurst, ON.

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    All mothers are a fundamental pillar in our lives and they all deserve love, that’s why, Lord, I ask you to bless my mother, to give her health to continue doing her chores, give her courage and joy.

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