Fellowship of the Least what?

flc-logo-lotus-113-px-sqEach year our council members contribute twelve prayer concerns to help participants inform and focus their prayers. The 2017 Prayer Concerns for the Fellowship of the Least Coin now available for download here and will be included in the next issue of our news magazine, Riding the Waves, which should be in your mailboxes right around Christmas.

Fellowship of the Least what? It's a pretty amazing movement, actually. If you had a nickel for every time you prayed about a personal conflict or for a nation ravaged by war and you put that nickel in a jar as a token of your prayer in the world, you would probably have a jar full of nickels after a year. If you invited your friends to add their prayers and nickels you might be surprised by the changes your prayers set in motion.

The Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) is a quiet program, probably because it is a prayer movement. But quiet, as anyone who has a quiet friend may know, can be powerful. The FLC was born in 1956 of Shanti Solomon's prayers for peace, justice and reconciliation. There is more to the story and you can read more here.



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  1. Darla Fournier says:

    Attention Kathryne Tate ; Is it possible to get the Fellowship of the Least Coin
    Prayer Concerns for 2017 I have 2016 and used it every meeting monthly for prayer and collection to let the ladies know who they are and their prayer concerns . Even a copy sent to me would be appreciated I had Riding the Waves but did not receive it in the mail I got it so that I would have these pages . Your’s in Christ Darla Fournier
    I believe it is sent in that magazine I would rather buy that one to make sure I receive the Prayer Concerns of the Least Coin every year . I do enjoy using it every year .

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